AMAZING: Learn About How Stem Cell Heart Therapy Saved His Life

Learn How One Man’s Experience With Stem Cell Therapy Literally Repaired His Weakened Heart and Ultimately Saved His Life

After a series of heart attacks, Don Cecil was almost to a point where he couldn’t walk because his heart was too weak, but Don beat all the odds by having a revolutionary stem cell heart therapy done. Three years after the procedure, he is alive, well, and eager to talk about the experience he had with Stem Cell surgery; a treatment that had literally returned his heart to a normal working condition.

This e-book is about his journey from being a heart transplant candidate with end stage cardiomyopathy, to a fully-recovered patient. This procedure was done with absolutely no usage of embryonic stem cells. His own adult stem cells were used instead.

When Don Cecil had the surgery in 2006, the American public was too busy debating the moral argument on the usage of embryonic stem cells for this type of procedure. As it turns out, there were other forms of stem cells that can be used.

Don Was Lucky to Find the Answer That Saved His Life

While on vacation in Hawaii, Don had experienced a heart attack. In the hospital, his doctor told him about a unique procedure that had been performed on a famous local resident of Hawaii. After getting out of the hospital, Don hopped online to do the research about the company that did this surgery…

This Surgery Was Less Invasive Than Any Type of Open-Heart Surgery That We All Know About

Unlike other types of heart surgery, this procedure is comparatively easy on the patient, and doesn’t require much of the same kind of “opening up” needed for a traditional heart surgery. Because of this, the recovery time was very short. Don was out of the hospital and back home within a week.

His Doctors Back Home We’re Shocked

After the stem cell heart treatment, his doctors literally watched his heart regenerate from 15% blood ejection, to a normal working condition for someone his age! Some even admitted they have never seen anything like that before.

Stunned by how much the surgery actually worked for him, Don Cecil felt compelled to share his experience with the rest of the world.


“I met Don when he moved from Hawaii. He seemed to be a hearty healthy individual with a lot of interests, like surfing, fishing, lots of Mexico trips. On one of these Mexico trips he had an episode with his heart. After medical help and having tests, he found that he had a heart of an 80 year old man. Episode after episode followed until they decided he needed a transplant. Don made a decision to try experimental stem cell work in Thailand. Little by little I have seen Don return to some of the activities he always loved. To see him before and after, you can see that the procedure has saved his life.” -Mike Hutton, neighbor

There is Always Hope

Our goal here is to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stem cell therapy is well within our immediate future. Don’s testimony is proof that it does in fact work.

P.S. – Read about Don Cecil’s stem cell therapy experience and find out what company did the procedure. Medical records as well as corresponding photographs are included with the e-book.

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